Seeing Double: Yves Saint Laurent/ Zara

Despite my too-large-it's-ridiculous collection of leather jackets/bombers/ trenches (yes, I have a leather trench), I have come to the realisation that enough will never be enough for a shopaholic/hoarder like myself.

In my spare time (i.e time that should be spent studying) I like to browse the Harrods website-as you do. Soon enough I found myself swooning/ salivating/ almost-crying-with-longing over this YSL leather jacket.

Cue the jacket!

This beauty comes with the hefty price tag of £2,950. In other words- 'f*cking hell!'

You can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when browsing Zara  I came across this......

Prepare yourselves:

How could I not bring her home?

There are several things I love about this jacket:

  1. Made from the softest, butteriest lambskin I have ever felt. I swear, this leather is better quality than my Armani jacket that sure as hell cost a lot more. 
  2. The detail on this piece is beautiful and subtle, giving it a much more expensive feel. I would definitely assume this was designer if I saw a girl wearing it on the street.
  3. It is very light- an essential when it comes to jackets for me. I am very slight and petite and generally find it very uncomfortable to wear heavy jackets for more than an hour or so. 
  4. Finally, it only set me back £149.99! ( seems like alot but for leather of this quality I was very happy to hand over my card)

All in all, this girl is very happy !