Along the Cote D'Azur

 Imma let you in on a secret. I've worn this exact outfit twice in three days *insert your own sounds of shocked horror*. However, I hold my hands up in defeat. I may have brought several what-i-think-are-fashionable outfits with me but when you're walking around all day, comfort trumps all.

Vintage Ralph Lauren Jumper
Primark Skirt
Primark Trainers
Hermes Bag
Moschino Sunglasses

Parisian Casual

 My uniform for casual comfort is:
a) black jeans
b) trainers
c) white t-shirt
d) mild attempts at accessorising
Spent the day wandering along the Champs Elysees in my trainers and jeans. Living in London it is more arduous seeing my friends in Cornwall than getting to Paris and yet the trip is seldom made. Having said that, this is my upteenth time here in Paris. However something has changed since my last visit as a 14 year old. Now, I have discovered my burning desire to join the clan of Parisian, beret-wearing, crepe-eating, chic, charming French girls. To assuage this hunger I have made my wallet unhappy by running wild in French vintage boutiques *slap on the wrist considering I am a student with little to no money*
Despite all the beautiful French pieces I bought during my trip (haul coming soon), the macaroons from L'Aduree were the highlight of the trip. Yes, I am aware, I really need to do something to suppress this inner foodie. 

Topshop Jeans
Random White T-Shirt
Primark Trainers
Vintage Denim Shirt
Balenciaga Bag and Bracelet
Moschino Sunglasses
Vintage Earrings