Subtly Outrageous

A beautiful little pleasure for myself.
If anyone knows my style, I am very classic, you know, into beiges,creams, neutrals etc. Same for my nails, I strictly stick to French or neutrals. Never have I strayed.
But yesterday in SuperDrug I saw these nails and got a bit of a thrill and now they're on it makes me so happy to look down and see them. Not to mention, they make it very easy to mix metals jewellery wise- again something I do not do.

(Bracelets from Topshop and H&M)


Ife. said...

Those nails are soo beautiful!! If i had them they would really hypnotise me!! great blog!! xx

Courtney L. Pavon said...

Killer nails!

Pretty In Pink said...

these are amazing! stargazers used to do a similar polish, but nowhere near this shiny :P

Sharon said...

WOW amazing nails... love the effect

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