Car Boot Loot

Okay, so here's the deal: I love car boot sales.


  • You can buy interesting and unusual clothes that you KNOW no one else will have
  • £20 can go amazingly far (no really)
  • Ridiculously expensive clothes that I could never dream of owning full price can be bought-brand new and at the most £5 (seriously, once bought a £180 leather jacket for £4-tags still on)
  • It is the only place in England where it is widely acceptable to haggle like a shameless cheapskate :)

Anyways, if by some silly reason you have never been to a boot sale, here is my day:

Here's what I bought:

-A fantastic vintage Gerard Darel blazer that would suit every occasion-

-A lovely vintage skater dress-

-Denim Waistcoat-

-Not my usual style but I plan to cut it up and make it less scary and more fashionable

-A potential 'granny dress' but with some altering hopefullly will become a garden party worthy dress-
-This absolutely stunning Burberry Prorsum shirt with this beautiful design on the back-

-A tailored jacket that would be fantastic for work-

-The most unique pair of teal silk trousers, made a B-line for it as soon as it caught my eye-

-Finally this gorgeous pair of leather aztec-style boots-

Sorry for such a picture heavy post but I hope you enjoyed :)


Tiffany said...

I know you didn't buy that chair but I love it!

Vicky said...

That skull stop has potential, I wish I was able to pick out clothes and see how I could alter them to suit better! I need my own personal Gok Wan haha x

Kayla said...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! :) It means alot to me. Absolutely Lovingg yours so far!

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Wow you got some gretat hings. Love the camel blazer.

Helen, X

Ninja said...

absolutely gorgeous pieces, I am so jealous :D I do the whole second hand thing religiously as well.Nothing like a good haggle :)

xxx irinja (

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