See Sheer

The Maxi Dress is an unusual thing for me. If not shown in my previous OOTD, my style is very much polished and put together- I generally don't tend to go for the casual/boho/hippy etc look. However I make one exception for the Maxi.

Maxis in London really are a rare occasion for me as the incessit rain and cold weather tends to stunt my summer appetite. Howver, although not really reflected in the pictures, the weather was super nice today and as Londoners often do-I seized the chance to wear my new dress (which btw is the msot comfortable thing I have worn in ages)
Now, you really can't tell by the pictures but this maxi dress is super sheer thus, to protect my modesty I wore a long white tank under it that covers the boobage and bum area well enough.


H&M Maxi Dress
UniQlo Tank
Rayban Limited Edition Orange Aviators (behind which my eyes seem to be shut-fantastic)
Vintage Pendant
Vintage Bag
Vintage Ballerina/Dance Shoes
Vintage Moschino Belt


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