How To Make Your Foundation Last All Day

Okay, so busy London Life means, at least for me, little to no time for touch ups and mega long lasting foundation:
Now, your foundation doesn't actually have to be labelled 'long-lasting' for you to be able to make it so, its just a few simple steps that will make your make up last so much longer :)


♥ One of the biggest mistakes women make when applying foundation is mixing the wrong type of bases, for example using an 'oil free moisturiser' and a 'water resistant foundation'
♥ OBVIOUSLY if you use a water-based moisturiser and a water resistant foundation, it's not gonna stay on your skin and just slide around all day!

♥ SO....if you're gonna use an oil-free moisturiser, use an oil-free foundation and vice-versa, you will see a huge difference in longevity :)


♥  Don't overload your face with product
♥ I see some gals on Youtube applying a toner, serum,moisturiser,suncream,primer, luminiser etc all before they apply their foundation
♥ Again, OBVIOUSLY when you load your face with that much product, especially with oily skin, your foundation will again slide around on your face


Cakeyness on the skin is honestly one of the most unsightly things in makeup. It really is a sad moment when I see a beautiful girl with an inch of foundation welded into the skin. Alot of people think that just because they have a few imperfections, they must coat their entire face with a thick layer of foundation but in my opinion, that method has the opposite effect. The aim of the game is most importantly, to avoid looking like this:

♥ When applying foundation, try to avoid using a stippling/buffer brush
♥ When you use the 'stipple and swirl' or 'buffing' method, it causes micro-exfoliation on the skin, essentially it just lifts up the dry skin
♥ Now, it may look 'air-brushed' at first, but you'll notice, especially with dry skin, that throughout the day, it will begin to look cakey and that is just annoying ....
♥ Also, if like me you have a few hyperpigmentation scars, please try to avoid the temptation to mask the entire face(as i did for all my teen years). I find the best way to apply foundation is to first apply a thin, sheer base all over and then build up thin layers of concealer just in the areas that need it. This way, although after 12 hours of wear, the heavily concealed areas may get a bit cakey, since the rest of your face is looking natural and fresh, the eye is not drawn to any unsightlyness. Lisa Eldridge has a fantastic video on this technique.


♥  Again this is VERY IMPORTANT, when setting your makeup with powder, DON'T JUST DUST IT ON
♥ Instead, use a powder puff and with two fingers just 'roll' the powder on top of the foundation, pressing and condensing it into the skin
♥ This way, it avoids cake and also properly adheres to the foundation locking it to your skin :)
♥ A holy grail product that I have found is the Cosmopolitan 'beautyblender'-esque sponge. It never occured to me to use this for powder but one day my puff was super dirty so I gave it a go. GENIUS! It applies a much thinner layer than a puff would get still has the same motion that is going to lock your foundation in place. BIG THUMBS UP!

Hope this has helped and what are your tips on making foundation last ?


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