Purchase of the Week.

Recently I have been nurturing a serious obsession with the Acne Cypress boots in Faded Apricot. However I was always aware of ever-present fact that I will never be able to muster up £400 before they are discontinued when the season is up. So, I packed my deep lust for them away in the back of my mind and attempted to forget about it.

Until.....Yesterday I was browing through H&M and I caught sight of some boots that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Acne boots and my heart genuinely started to pound in excitement (I am being dramatic I know but you have had a similar reaction too, admit it) Anyways, I made a B-line for them only to be left in utter earth-shattering disappointment when they didnt have my size.

Here comes the rant:
Now, like Primark, I find that H&M really does not carry the same stock for the entire season and it all seems to change by the next time youre in. Which means its really inconvenient when you want to take the 'go home, think about it and come back if I really want them' approach. Also the stock is never consistent i.e. what is in one shop I simply cannot hope to find in another which again is difficult. Finally H&M NEVER HAS SIZE 4s!!!!!!!!! There are ALWAYS size 3s and size 5s but NEVER any 4s!!! Incredibly frustrating! Please do let me know if you made the same observations....

The sad thing is that I put with all this simply because H&M makes fantastic clothes, accesories and shoes at a much MUCH more reasonable price which proves the above bitching session completely invalid and unnecessary...but I needed to vent.

So, to cut a long story not so short, went to five different H&Ms in the Oxford/Regent St vicinity until I found a size 4...totally worth it.


rachelsjunkinthetrunk said...

Very nice purchase of the week!

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

I love your banner!! It's super cute!!

la mode, je vous aime said...

amazing fashion choices!! Love it!

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