Why do you love to torture me?


Today I was just walking casually around Westfield's with my friends and as usual Topshop was our first destination. So there I was looking through some racks of clothes until from the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of some beauties. My World stood still.


At £110 they are so outta my student budget but I simply couldn't resist trying them on just. And of course I just depressed myself more by falling in love with them  with the ever-present knowledge that they will not be mine for a long time. (notice the fact that I am planning on getting them....eventually)

Anyways, what are you guys' lusts?


Wonderland Girl said...

Adore the boots - following the blog :)
Much Love
Roisin Elizabeth

Ilona de Vries said...

That denim vest is gorgeous! and thanks for following honey!


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